• ---Solanum sat alone in the makeshift shelter, a tent that was large enough to accomodate half a dozen sylvari easily. Despite being a temporary shelter, it had many of the comforts of a human home. The Warden sat at his desk, resting his head in his left hand. The fingers of his right drummed thoughtfully against the hard oak surface. A quiet mumbling caught Solanum's attention, a familiar noise just outside the vines and leaves that made up the entrance of the tent. Sathir stormed in, walking right past the Warden without so much as a word. Not one to be ignored, Solanum struck up a conversation.---
  • Solanum: Back so soon? Where is your apprentice, Sathir?
  • Sathir: Hello, /warden/, a pleasure to see you. Aren't you supposed to be doing something?
  • Solanum: Such as..? I am always doing something, Sathir. Whether or not you understand is none of my concern. Trilawyn just stopped by, she had some interesting things to say.
  • Sathir: Oh, I'm sure she did. Did I earn myself another mouthful of steel? Perhaps some harsh words? Were it not for Frellah-
  • Solanum: Were it not for Frellah, you wouldn't be here. I know, I found myself thinking the very same. But seeing as she is so fond of you, you have a place here. And so long as you are here, there are a few things you must know.
  • Sathir: How /generous/ of you to allow me to stay and bask in your glory, sipping at the fount of your knowledge. I'm humbled.
  • ---The two men exchanged verbal blows until neither of them had anything left to say. They stood in silence, glowering at each other. After a long moment of silence, Sathir finally spoke up.---
  • Sathir: How long have you known the Witch?
  • Solanum: A year and a handful of days. Why?
  • Sathir: ..Nothing. Curiousity got the best of me, is all. I'll return later tonight with Frellah.
  • Solanum: Right. I'll see you then, safe travels.
  • Sathir: Feh.

Next up is the Warden, Solanum. He’s honestly been a little difficult to pin down and write this for; I really didn’t know where to go with him, despite the fact that he’s one of my mains and my highest level. Spending a little time filling this out really helped figuring him out.

Solanum is an “old” sylvari, both in body and spirit. The way he sees it, he’s already lived his life and is just looking for a way to go out with a bang. More recently he’s begun Dreaming again, and in his dream there were many people and many locations to which he felt drawn. Determined to unravel the meaning of his vision, the Warden has started traveling across Tyria, “collecting” many different people and bringing them into his little group. Thankfully, he’s got the patience of a saint.


My Sylvari thief, Sathir, gets the first profile since he was neglected in the character introductions. Though he’s usually not one for social interaction, but his love of information and knowledge keep him from becoming a complete recluse.

Not mentioned in the character sheet, Sathir loves him some alcohol. After a few drinks he opens up and becomes amiable, or at least that’s what he lets everyone else think.


OOC: Electro-swing fits my sylvari thief perfectly. Something about it just makes me want to play a sleezy jerk.


Fresh paper and ink to go along with a new employer, seems appropriate. My old tome was becoming cluttered anyhow.

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Haw, clever title.

Since this tumblr is dedicated to more than just one character, here’s a rundown of who to expect to see and a brief description of just who them weirdos are.

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With my other tumblr cluttered with (mostly) reblogs and some hurrdurr doodles, a new game with plenty of new characters, and a strange desire to start writing, it seemed like it was time to start a secondary blog! This will mostly be the IC writings of my Guild Wars 2 characters or doodles set in the GW2 universe.